GFI OVENS, the miracle born from the encounter between an all-Italian idea and the American dream.

Thanks to Davide Fasciola’s over 35 years of experience, an expert in the field of development and construction of ovens for cooking food and the sole inventor of the world’s first small refractory stone tunnel oven, and the experience of Salvatore Gencarelli, a professional in the development and production of bakery products, in 2019 GFI Ovens LLC was born, based in the USA in Newmark (NJ). In 2021, after more than 30 years working in the HO.RE.CA sector, Eugenio Gencarelli joined the company. In 2022, the new GFI Ovens Europe subsidiary was opened in Rome, Italy. The Mini Giant ™️ and The Dome ™️ projects were created thanks to the synergies arising from the combined experience of the three partners, allowing GFI Ovens to position itself among the leading companies in the sector. All our ovens are built with green and high-tech materials. Innovation, design, environmental sustainability and advanced technology are our strengths.

The world’s only tunnel oven for
cooking real Neapolitan pizza.

Our flagship product The Mini Giant™ is a futuristic electric multifunctional tunnel oven with natural stone baking, designed and engineered to cook any food perfectly: pizza, bread, focaccia, cakes, meat, fish, vegetables and much more. The Mini Giant ™ is the only oven in the world to be made entirely of es/as 9100 certified aluminium alloy used in the aeronautical industry and entirely recyclable.

The Mini Giant™’s exhausting search for the most advanced performance has led it to integrate some of the most innovative technologies in the field of industrial cooking.
The new SES™ technology guarantees both uniform cooking and energy savings of around 40% compared to similar ovens on the market. Our natural stones (NBS™), guaranteed for life, allow cooking at extremely constant temperatures.
Thanks to the innovative Green Static Cooking (GSC™) electronic control, the system can be controlled and monitored via a 5″ digital colour screen mounted on the oven, or remotely via the (OCI) system available on iOS & Android platforms.
The movement of the firing belt, called The Frankie System (TFS™), is extremely quiet and requires no maintenance or lubrication.

Firing on natural stone

Outside temperature below 30°c

5" colour touch digital screen

Adjustable tempered glass

Maintenance-free towing system

Oven control via app

Thanks to these technologies, the hourly output of The Mini Giant ™, (comparing the external dimensions with other similar types of ovens on the market) is by far the best and for this reason we prefer not to communicate it with numbers or percentages, but to demonstrate it with facts! We look forward to seeing it in action at our showrooms in Newark (New Jersey, USA) and Fiumicino (Rome, Italy).